ADDIS JOSEPH is married to Lucy. Daughter Sarah baptised at Alveley Church May 26th 1893
BROOKS EDWARD is a Shoemaker and Shopkeeper.
BROWN EZRA farms at Perry House.
BURDETT ALBERT is Gamekeeper to Lieut. Col.E.M.Wakeman of Coton Hall.
CLARK JOHN INSTAN (born Alveley 1831) is a farmer.
CLARK JOHN ROBERT (Born Alveley July 1868) is a Family Grocer & Baker at Fairfield House, Birdsgreen and a Miller & Corn merchant at Allam Bridge mills.
COLEBATCH WILLIAM of Little London died July 18th 1893, buried in Alveley Churchyard. His son William now farms at Little London (???).
CORBETT JOHN is a farm bailiff to the trustees of Thomas Lester. He lives at The Low.
CRESSWELL JOHN (born 1850) is an assistant Overseer and Collector of assessed and income taxes. He lives at The Firs Romsley.
CRESSWELL ZEPHANIAH (born 22nd March 1854) is Victualler at The Squirrel Commercial Hotel. He and his wife Emma (maiden name Harley born Alveley 14th February 1857) were married at Alveley Church August 3rd 1881- Children; Hubert born May 1882, Katherine born 1885, Doris born 1889.
CROSS WILLIAM farms at Astley.
DAVIES MOSES is Schoolmaster of Alveley mixed School. His wife Martha Alexandra is infants mistress. Average pupil attendance in 1895 -120.
DAVIES WILLIAM is a Farm Bailiff.
DOLITTLE JOHN is Publican and Shoemaker at 'The Finger'.
ELCOCK ROBERT farms at The Filletts.
ELCOCK WILLIAM farms at Hallclose.
FELLOWS MICHAEL (born Claverley 1811) lives at Hallclose.
FEREDAY MARTHA is Victualler of The Three Horse Shoes. The premises are owned by Common Breweries of Kidderminster, who purchased it in 1894 for œ875.
GARBETT ANN, died 1894.
GARBETT ELI and his wife Keziah live at Allam Bridge. Daughter Martha Ann Baptised at Alveley Church February 1st 1893.
GLAZE JANE (Mrs) farms at Lane Green.
GRUBB ?? is a watermiller at Crowsmill.
HARLEY CHARLES (born 1867) is a Wheelwright at Allam Bridge. He and his wife Jane (maiden name Jenkins) were married at Alveley Church April 25th 1893.
HALFORD JOHN is a Beer retailer at "New Inns".
HAYWARD MARY (Mrs) farms at Hillhouse.
HEAD JOHN (jnr) is Beer retailer at 'Kitlands'. He took over in September 1893. The premises are owned by Buckley's Brewery, Blackwell Street, Kidderminster.
HEMMINGS WILLIAM is Victualler at The Bell Inn. He and his wife Mary Jane (born Alveley 1860) have eight daughters; Mary, Edith, Ethel, Phoebe, Laura, Frances, Alice and little Agnes (born 1893)
Proceedings against the occupier of The Bell Inn:-
January 9th 1892: Selling adulterated Whiskey. Fined 10s and 19s costs.
JENNINGS JOHN farms at the Lakehouse.
JENNINGS FRANK married Elizabeth Jennings (born 1871 daughter of John and Phoebe Jennings) at Alveley Church 19th November 1895. They are first cousins once removed.
LANE GEORGE is a Wheelwright.
LAWLEY HENRY farms at Bowhills
LEE CHARLES farms at Shropshire Farm.
LEGG ?? is a Quarry master and Farmer.

LEESON EDWARD farms at Mayhouse.
LEWIS MARY (Mrs),widow, is a shopkeeper.
LEWIS Rev. WILLIAM is incumbent at Alveley Parish Church and vice-chairman of Alveley Parish Council.
LINK ALLEN,(born Alveley about 1852) is married to Sarah (daughter of John and Mary France) Son Harry born September 27th 1895.
LITTLEFORD GEORGE is Beer retailer (at the Royal Oak?).
LLOYD JAMES FREDERICK sells provisions, groceries and tea.
MASSEY CHARLES (born 1844) is subpostmaster at Alveley. He is also a
Blacksmith and Secretary of the Oddfellows Lodge at 'The Squirrel'. He and his wife Emma (born Alveley 1840 daughter of Sarah and William Griffiths) were married at Alveley Church June 21st 1871. They have six children; William Griffith (born 1872), Lewis Harry (born 1874), Mary Anne (born 1876), Alice (born 1878) Bertha Elizabeth ( born 1880) and Charles( born 1883).The picture shows members of the Massey Family in front of Alveley Post Office around 1890 and is reproduced by kind permission of Mick & Shirley Bickerton
MERRICK JOHN is Constable-in Charge at Alveley Police Station.
A local newspaper report of 1895 records "The Police complain that there is a lot of drunkenness in Alveley".
MINIFIE EMMA (Mrs) farms at Coton Farm
MORRIS RICHARD is a farmer.
PARRY EZEKIEL is a Collier.
PETLEY JOHN McLEOD farms at The Greenhouse.
REYNOLDS THOMAS is a Boot & Shoemaker.
ROGERS WILLIAM farms at Pool House.
THOMAS (Mrs) is a farmer (at Broadslane?).
VEAL EDNA (miss) is a farmer & landowner at High House.
WAKEMAN LIEUT.COL. EDWARD MALTBY (born 1846) resides at Coton Hall. He is a Justice of the Peace, and a principal Alveley landowner. He is also Lord of the Manor of
Nordley Regis.
WARDER RICHARD (son of John & Elizabeth Warder) farms at Moor House.
WARDER WILLIAM ( son of John & Elizabeth Warder) farms at The Hay.
WEALE WILLIAM is a Stonemason.
WEBB (Benjamin ?? ) is in partnership with Mr. Legg. They are Quarry masters and Farmers.
WIER JOHN farms at Cookscross.
WHITING THOMAS (born march 1822) is a Farm Bailiff to Rev Henry Blissett.



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