BEDDOES CHARLES, is a baker. He and his wife Annie (maiden name New) were married at Alveley Church June 21st 1898. Son John Baptised at Alveley Church 7th October 1900.
BYWATER GEORGE is a Quarryman. He and his wife Sarah Anne (maiden name Basin- Born Alveley 1876) were married at Alveley Church 16th November 1897. Daughter Kate born 1900.
BILL WILLIAM, is Landlord at "The Bell"- married to Mary Jane. The property is owned by The Worcestershire Brewery and Malting Co. Kidderminster (who purchased it in 1897).
BROOKS EDWARD, (aged about 59) is a Shopkeeper & Shoemaker.
BROWN STEPHEN GEORGE, farms at PerryHouse.
BURDETT FRANCIS, is employed as Gamekeeper by Lt. Col. Wakeman of Coton Hall.
CLARK JOHN INSTAN, (Parish Councillor) is a Farmer.
CLARK GEORGE BIRKINS, (aged about 38),is a Butcher.
CLARK JOHN ROBERT, has a Shop at Birdsgreen, selling Family Foods and Breads. He also runs the Sub- Post Office, (also Miller and Corn Merchant at Allam Bridge)
CRESSSWELL JOHN, (Principal Romsley Landowner) is an assistant overseer and Collector of assesed & incomes taxes. He lives at The Firs Romsley.
CROSS WILLIAM, (Parish Councillor) farms at Astley.
ELCOCK ROBERT, farms at The Filletts.
ELCOCK WILLIAM, farms at Hallclose.
ELCOCK WILLIAM (Jnr), (Parish Councillor) of Turley green owns a thrashing machine. He is also a Principal member of The Oddfellows Lodge at The Bell Inn.
ELLIS ARTHUR WILLIAM, is Landlord at "The Squirrel Inn". " accommodation for visitors & Stabling for 13 horses" The Inn is owned by Worcestershire Brewery & Malting Co of Kidderminster.
Arthur Ellis and his wife Fanny Jessie (born 1876 maiden name Harley) were married at Alveley Church December 21st 1898. (Arthur Ellis is also recorded as a Wheelwright)
FELLOWS JOHN, and his wife Edith Ellen, (daughter of John and Sarah Harley) were married at Alveley Church June 19th 1900.
FELLOWS JOSEPH, is a Blacksmith at Allam Bridge.
FEREDAY MARTHA, is Victualler at "The Three Horse Shoes". Property is owned by Worcestershire Brewery and Malting Co. of Kidderminster.
FRANCE JOHN, is a Quarryman.
FISHER HARRIET, of Hallclose died February 19th 1900, aged 92- buried at Alveley.
FLETCHER EDWARD, is Constable-in-Charge at Alveley.
FOSTER W, is a Principal landowner.
GRIFFITH R, is a Principal landowner.
GATCLIFF REVEREND JOHN FRANCIS, is incumbent at Alveley Parish Church.- married to Emily Ada. Son John, Baptised at Alveley by Henry Parsons, Rector of Mary Mag. Bridgnorth, October 29th 1900.
A new Vicarage is being built.
GROVES SAMUEL, farms at The Greenhouse.
GARBETT THOMAS, illegitemate child of Mary Garbett, Baptised at Alveley Church December 13th 1900.
GIBBONS JOHN SKIPWORTH, (Principal Landowner of Alveley & Romsley)is Lord of The Manor of Alveley.
HOLFORD WALTER, is Landlord of "The Finger".
HOLFORD JOHN HENRY, is Landlord at "The New Inns" Licence granted 1851.
HARLEY CHARLES, is a Wheelwright. He and his wife Jane were married at Alveley Church April 25th 1893. Son Maurice born 1899.
HARLEY JOHN, is a farmer.
HAWKER F, farms at Mayhouse.
HAYWARD MARY, (widow) farms at Hillhouse.
HEAD JOHN (jnr), is Beer retailer at "Kitlands".
JENNINGS JOHN, farms at Lakehouse.
KIRKHAM E, is a grocer & Provision dealer.
KNOWLES JOHN, is a Quarryman. He and his wife Ann live at the Low. Son Joseph born 1900.
LEE CHARLES, farms at Shropshire Farm.
LEESON RICHARD, is a farmer.
LEWIS MARY, is a Shopkeeper.
LAWLEY HENRY JAMES, farms at Bowhills- married to Elizabeth.
LINK ELIZA, buried June 20th 1900, aged 80.
LINK HERBERT, (born Alveley 1873- son of George Link) is a Private in 2nd Batt Worcestershire Regiment. He and his wife Annie (daughter of John France ) were married at Stoneway Chapel Bridgnorth 10th December 1899.
Son Reginald born May 22nd 1900.
LINK ARTHUR, (aged 29) son of George Link, married Jane Bevan (aged 35) daughter of James Bevan at Alveley Church April 21st 1900.
LINK WALTER, of The Barn Alveley buried March 1900, aged 14.
LINK WILLIAM, (aged 22- son of George Link) married Edith Emily Hemmings
(aged 19- daughter of William Hemmings) at Alveley July 15th 1900.
LITTLEFORD GEORGE, is Landlord of "The Royal Oak".
MASSEY CHARLES, (Parish Councillor) is Village Postmaster and a Blacksmith
His wife Emma was born in Alveley 1840 - daughter of William and Sarah Griffith. They were married at Alveley Church June 1871 and have six children.
MEREDITH HENRY GEORGE, is an Alveley Parish Councillor.
MORGAN WILLIAM, is a Collier.
MONK HERBERT, lives at Hallclose.
MINIFIE EMMA (Mrs), farms at Coton Farm.
MORRIS RICHARD, (Parish Councillor) farms at Low farm.
NICKOLLS JAMES HAROLD, farms at Poole Hall.
NICHOLLS HENRY, is a waggoner. He and his wife Emily live at Bradley Cottages. Son Charles Arthur born 1900.
PALMER RICHARD, farms at Lane green.
PARRY EZEKIEL, is a miner- married to Elizabeth. Daughter Margaret Ellen Baptised at Alveley December 23rd 1900.
ROYALL WILLIAM, is a miner- married to Mary Ann. Daughter Ada Baptised at Alveley Church 13th December 1900.
SIMONS THOMAS, is employed as a Gamekeeper. He and his wife Sussannah live at The Finger. Son Ivor Vincent born 1900.
SCRIVEN WILLIAM is a labourer- married to Harriet. Son Harry born 1899.
VEAL EDNA (miss), is a farmer & Landowner at Highhouse.
WARDER RICHARD (born 1858- son of John & Elizabeth Warder) farms at The Moor House.
WARDER THOMAS (born about 1851 son of John & Elizabeth Warder) farms
at Church Farm. He is also a Parish Councillor.
WARDER WILLIAM, (born about 1852 son of John & Elizabeth Warder) farms at the Hay.
WALL GEORGE, is a Wheelwright.
WHARTON WILLIAM, is married to Eliza. Daughter Edith Mary born 16th February 1899.
WHITING ANN, (mrs), of Pool Hall, owns "The New Inns"
WAKEMAN LT. COL. EDWARD MALTBY, and his wife Edith reside at Coton Hall. They are Principal Alveley landowners. Edward Maltby Wakeman is a Justice of The Peace, Lord of The Manor of Nordley Regis and a member of Alveley Parish Council.
WEALE WILLIAM, is a Stonemason.
WEBB BENJAMIN, is Quarrymaster at Webbs Quarry. (He is also recorded as a Blacksmith)
WORTH JAMES, is Alveley Schoolmaster. His wife is Schoolmistress. They live at The Schoolmaster's House. Average pupil attendance at Alveley School in 1900- 127.
WOLSELEY LT. COL. Resides at Greenhouse Cottage.
WIER JANE, (Mrs) is a widow farming at Cookscross. Her husband John Lowe Wier died June 2nd 1900.
WATKINS RICHARD, (aged 26) married Louisa Head (aged 24) at Alveley Church June 5th 1900.



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