BALDWIN JOHN, is a Blacksmith- married to Bertha (maiden name Massey).
BRADLEY ELIZABETH (Miss) farms The Moorhouse.
BRASIER CHARLES, is a Farmer & Carrier.
BROWN GEORGE WILLIAM, farms at Coton Farm.
BURROWS MATILDA, lets Apartments.
CLARK JOHN ROBERT, (born Alveley July 29th 1868) is a Grocer at Fairfield House and a Miller at Allam Bridge Mills.
At Auction in July 1920 he purchased the following-
Lot 3. Allam Bridge Corn Mill: comprising of house, outbuildings, Watermill, gardens and pasture land (just over 12 acres) Price Paid: 660
Lot 4.The Finger House with five and a half acres. Price Paid:570
Lot 5. Two Cottages with outbuildings, gardens fronting the main road at Allam Bridge (half an acre) Price Paid: 160
CRESSWELL STEPHENS, farmer of Cross Farm Romsley, resigned as trustee of Alveley Charity 1922.
COLEBATCH GEORGE, (son of William & Ann Colebatch) farms at Little London.
CROSS WILLIAM, farms at Astley. He is a Principal Landowner and an Alveley Charity Trustee.
DAVIES ARTHUR, farms at Dumbolds.
DOLITTLE RHODA, (mrs) farms at Perryhouse.
EDWARD RICHARD WILLIAM, married Ethel Dora Morris (born Alveley 1897, daughter of Richard & Sarah Morris) at Alveley Church April 19th 1922. ELCOCK ROBERT, farms at Filletts.
ELCOCK WILLIAM, of Turley Green died May 26th 1922, aged 62.
EMERSON LEONARD, is a minister at Alveley Methodist Chapel.
EVANS CHARLES, farms at High house.
EVANS ERNEST LLOYD, is a ferryman at Pottersloade.
EVANS JIM, plays in Alveley Band.
EVANS WILLIAM, (born Highley June 1890) is married to Mary (maiden name Gittins). They live at 53 Ivy Place and run a small shop there.
The house is rented from Mr Monk and consists of three bedrooms, a Kitchen, Back Kitchen and Parlour. Outside there is a small back garden with shed and pigsty.
FRANCE ENOCH, is married to Maud (maiden name Summers). Son Reginald Enoch born September 6th 1922.
FRANCE WILLIAM, Alveley Collier convicted of theft June 1921. He had not
worked for 10 weeks due to the 1921 strike.
FRANCE REGINALD, (aged 22- son of Herbert Link) married Ethel Annie Pugh (aged 21- daughter of John James Pugh) at Alveley Church September 11th 1922. Reginald is a miner.
FELLOWS JOSEPH, is a Butcher at Birdsgreen.
GATCLIFF REV. JOHN FRANCIS, is incumbent at Alveley Parish Church.
GEORGE J, farms at Shropshire Farm.
GEORGE MOSES, farms at Pool Hall.
GRIFFIN & HAYCOX, are village builders.
GATACRE (Mrs), is a Principal Landowner.
HANSON OLIVER, plays in Alveley Band.
HARDING (miss) lives at Yewhurst.

HARDESTY ALICE, (Miss), teaches at Alveley School.
HARLEY BENJAMIN, (born May 1875) is a Farmer & Wheelwright at Allam Bridge.
HARRISON ARTHUR, is a Beer retailer.
HARLEY CHARLES, is licensee at The Three Horse Shoes.
HAYCOX SAMUEL, is licensee of The Lion Inn.
HAYWARD MARY, farms at Hillhouse.
HUMPHRIES SIDNEY GEORGE, is Constable-in-charge at Alveley.
JENNINGS ROBERT, farms at Chidleys.
JERVIS ARTHUR ALBERT, lets apartments at Field House.
JONES GEORGE, farms at Mayhouse.
JONES ROBERT, farms at Townsend.
LUKIN JAMES, and his wife Sally live at 1 Church Cottages, with their two adopted sons Cyril and Frederick.
LEWIS ALBERT, farms at Bowhills. He is Lord of the Manor of Alveley.
LINK ARTHUR, is Sub-postmaster.
LANCETT JOSEPH, is licensee at "The Squirrel".
MORGAN WILLIAM, and his wife Daisy Mary (maiden name Clews) live at 90 Daddlebrook. He is a miner at Highley Colliery.
MONK HERBERT EDWARD, lives at Ivy Place.
MASSEY WILLIAM GRIFFITH, (born Alveley 1872) farms at Church Farm.
His father Charles died 30th January 1921.
MILLICHIP EDWARD, is a Farmer & Dairyman at Fenn Green.
NORGROVE FANNY, farms at Coton.
PRICE (Miss) lives at The Chantry.
PITT, are Principal Alveley landowners.
RICHARDS BERT, plays in Alveley Band.
SHEPHERD THOMAS ALBERT, is master of Alveley Public Elementary mixed School. He is also the Parish Clerk. He and his wife Mary Louisa (daughter of William & Louisa Elcock) were married at Alveley in 1913.
SKELDING LIEUT. COL. HENRY, lives at The Greenhouse Dingle.
SCRIVEN FREDERICK AUGUSTUS, (born 1886) lives at 39 Alveley with his wife Ellen (born 1890- maiden Kirkham). Daughter Freda born 1922.
SCRIVEN WILLIAM, and his wife Emma live at 52 Ivy Place.
WAKEMAN LIEUT. COL. EDWARD MALTBY, resides at Coton hall. He is a principal Landowner, Trustee of Alveley Charity and Lord of the Manor of Nordley Regis.
In March 1922 an auction was held at Coton Hall farm of all farming stock, including 36 Pedigree shorthorn cattle, 62 Oxford and Shropshire sheep, 4 horses, 16 pigs and many miscellaneous agricultural implements.
WARD HARRY,(born 1902, son of James & Mary Ward) plays in Alveley Band.
WEBB WILLIAM, lives at Pen-y-Croft. He is the local Quarry master and a Trustee of Alveley Charity.
At Auction in July 1920 he purchased
Lot 9: A Field of Pasture Land adjoining Alveley Post Office. Price Paid 135
WILLIAMS THOMAS, farms at Hall close.
WILLIAMSON SIMPSON, farms at The Greenhouse. He is also an Alveley Charity Trustee.
WOOD JOHN, is a Grocer - married to Henrietta (maiden name Hayes).
WOOD GEORGE, plays in Alveley band.
WOOD WILLIAM BENJAMIN, lives at the Bell Inn.



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